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Warning: Owner-Occupied Properties aren’t Treated the Same with Typical Commercial Conventional Loan…

Source: Domu Chicago Apartment Site

Source: Domu Chicago Apartment Site

Back in my college years I always pondered about the pizzeria retail store in a small building and the other building right next to it with no retail store, in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts. A few things were always noticeable at the building with the pizzeria such as: high foot traffic, more parked vehicles during weekend, more students around, etc. The ambience was always different. On a raining Friday, while waiting for a bus, I went inside and noticed a tall man who was rarely there. We dialogued for 20 minutes about pizza dough, toppings, and business investing. Surprisingly, he was the owner of the pizzeria and the building, a 5- stories.

This was my first conversation about how owner-occupied properties financing were very different than non-own...

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