Recourse or Non-Recourse: Friendship Conversation Takes A Poetic Financing Tale..

Life is absolutely a remarkable journey and perhaps on certain particular days it is simply too interesting.

Transactions come and go from our lives like the spring time rain fading away as summer strikes. The thrill of execution and ability to deliver exemplary services keep us glue in the minds of million for many decades. It is not uncommon experience, for a lender and a borrower to cross path on the streets of bustling cities, at glamorous events, the restaurant, café, or even a urinal somewhere and chatting about us. Interesting isn’t it? In the real estate realm you simply must be prepared because life as our teacher loves to throw a bit of irony in the mix of things.

It begins with a simple question

Are you a recourse or non-recourse?

Like a tumultuous waves of fire assimilation

I’m recourse because I desire full financial disclosure.

Personally repaying outstanding balance of the debt must be completed

Impeccable underwriting for borrowers is like consumption

Take a look at non-recourse what do you see?

I am designed to operate with convincing financial disclosure.

Simply because borrowers envy my non-personally liable traits

Understand that repaying outstanding balance of debt is not personal

I am indebted to my carve outs for any sort of redemption.

These torrents of benefits set me apart as unique

My pricing and loan structure offer excellent flexibility.

The process of managing my loans almost feels like a bolt of intriguing sensation

Personal and relationship base process reaches the best shores

Alas! Personal liability tend to diffuse to every cells that I am originated with

Daily contemplation fades and replace by exciting fantasy

Collecting short-falls by my lenders are unacceptable and prohibited

In my presence conduit lenders and life insurance companies grin for joy.

Repayment of the asset that was pledged during my creation of bliss

Not perfect because I am structured with a set of different manner

The very core of my existence is to provide pleasure of financing ecstasy.

By: Ibsen Alexandre


Ibsen Alexandre offers his opinions about real estate finance and investment at www.Refivest.Com and other real estate publications. He can be reached at ibalexandre@refivest.com

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the view of a particular firm, its clients, any respective affiliates nor any Media Platform. This article is for educational general purposes only and is not intended to be and should not be taken as solicitation to lend.


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