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Part 1: Seven Crucial Steps Use by Lenders for Sound Credit Analysis to Provide Funding

 Source: PaydayLoanCredit

Source: PaydayLoanCredit

There are many moving parts in the process of obtaining a loan from inception, through application until the loan is closed. The focus of underwriting, credit analysis and risks management have become the cornerstone of the process. Banks and lenders are not only in a business of providing loans and other financial services, but also mitigating and managing risks with any associated assets, entity, sponsor or firm they plan to fund. This is why many ratios are used when performing credit analysis to determine if a borrower and the company can be funded and how much loan proceed will be disbursed. This short post is to quickly explain 3 of the 7 crucial steps banks and lenders use for sound credit analysis to fund business deals.

Step 1: Story About the Business and...

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