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“REITs: 10 Commandments That Must Be Known For Financial Survival, Financing, and Sound Investment”

As someone who has participated and underwrote various transactions in the real estate investment trust (REIT) space, both non-traded and traded REITs. I am often asked at certain real estate and business events about mortgage REITs or other components of REITs and what make this sector of the industry appealing. Of course, anyone who is associated with the REIT world knows about many advantages of a publicly traded REIT, which are quite different than non-traded REITS.   Non-traded REIT are not on any exchange, and cannot be bought as a stock like a traded REIT that is listed on an exchange (i.e. New York Stock Exchange NYSE). The main difference is truly about the real estate objective.

I conducted a myriad of in classroom and field projects about many REITs (multifamily, retail, offic...

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