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“3 Important Rules For Commercial Real Estate Borrowers Who Seek To Obtain Better Loans Must Know”

Rule #1 – Location, Location, Location and Options

Location does not apply only to economic trends, cycles, real estate acquisition and development.  It is also imperative when it comes to choosing and working with a lender.  If you are an investor in Boston and own 1,500 units of multifamily on Mass Avenue, it may be easier to acquire properties in your local market, as opposed to Hamilton Heights in New York , especially if you are unfamiliar with such market and have no local representation. Interestingly, local lenders tend to have better deals than out-of-town lenders (typically for experience sponsors); however, this doesn’t usually translate to better financing options.  For instance, take a look at lender A and lender B.

Lender A (Boston, MA – Mass Ave) Lender B (New Yo...
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“5 Critical Things You Must Do At New York City Real Estate Expo to Increase Your Success Rate”

The 9th annual NYC Real Estate Expo was a great way to meet and communicate with industry experts. The event was on Thursday September 29th. It started at 7:30 am and ended at 5:00 pm. This year was a thing of beauty from start to finish from an organizational standpoint to speakers selection. The entire second level of the Hilton Hotel hilton-hotel(image source: was energized and separated into different sections to accommodate various lectures about commercial and residential real estate.

  • Commercial and residential workshops took place on the west end in Gramecy Lecture Hall.
  • Finance presentations and workshops occurred in Morgan suite.
  • Landlords and Property Managers workshop happened in Bryant suite.
  • Madison suite held workshops and presentations for technology.
  • Energy and th...
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