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“Real Estate Finance Thanksgiving Humor And Major Deals”

Thanksgiving-Real-Estate-HumorI am not so sure about you. Alright, I reluctantly take it back. I am very certain that you know just like I do there are many property owners who are exhibiting the feelings like the turkey on the left side. Maybe it is not happening with your exclusive or financing deals in your primary market. Could be it be an owner in a secondary market then, who simply will not budge even though all the qualitative and quantitative specs of the investment property make sense? Anyhow, before I get ahead of myself. In an effort to show you that your situation could always be worse or perhaps better, here are three mega blockbuster real estates that will surely have you bite your fingers while salivating on turkey day. I sincerely hope these make you feel just a little bit better:

  • The once glorious GE...
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